Plasma Cutting

Plasma cutting profiling is an advanced technique using gas/compressed air which is blown at high speed and connected to an electrical arc which is formed through the nozzle, turning elements of the gas into plasma.

The plasma is then hot enough to melt the material and provides precision plasma cutting with any molten material blown away by the gas.

Plasma Cutting for Stainless Steel

Plasma cutting has been a revolutionary method of processing metals as it provides precision cutting with a smooth finish. Plasma profiling is a suitable method for cutting materials such as stainless steel, aluminium, alloys, and ferrous/nonferrous metals.


Benefits of using Plasma Cutting Techniques:

  • This method has high accuracy and provides a clean edge without any metal chippings
  • It has a smaller heat-affected zone on surrounding area preventing warping compared to oxyfuel cutting methods
  • Plasma cutting doesn’t require a pre-heat cycle and provides faster cutting over oxyfuel techniques

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