CNC Billet Preparation

Castle Metals Trafford Park service centre boasts 5 state of the art CNC machines exclusively for aerospace aluminium billet preparation. Opened to service one specific defence contract, to provide all the aluminium plate billets for the manufacture of the F35 Lightening aircraft, the facility has since expanded to cover additional defence and commercial contracts, as well as servicing MRO and AOG.

The state of the art CNC’s and unrivalled expertise at the Trafford Park facility consistently provide world-class aluminium products for some of the most safety critical applications in the world. The capabilities of Castle Metals equipment mean that complicated nested profiles can be billet prepped to reduce customers supply chain steps, with full aircraft inspection as standard, meaning all material is of world class quality.


CNC Number of Machines Max Thickness Standard Tolerance
HAAS VF4 Vertical machine centre 1 8” Billet Prep 0.1mm
HAAS VF5 Vertical machine centre 2 8" Billet Prep 0.1mm
Hurco DCX 32I 1 - -