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Infographic: 100 Years of Iconic Stainless Steel Structures

We’re celebrating 100 years of Stainless Steel in style with this infographic showing how Stainless Steel has been used in well known structures and buildings around the world.

Infographic celebrating 100 Years of Iconic Stainless Steel Structures

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Many scientists and metallurgists from many countries claim to be the inventors of Stainless Steel but Harry Brearley from Sheffield is usually credited with the invention of “rustless steel” now known as Stainless Steel.

  • 1908-1913 – European and American Metallurgists create the first ‘stainless steels’.
  • 1925 – Stainless steel replaces the iron chain to support the dome at St Pauls Cathedral, London.
  • 1929 – The top 88 metres of the iconic Chrysler Building is clad in stainless steel.
  • 1929 – The Savoy Hotel in London erects a stainless steel sign over Savoy Court.
  • 1931 – Stainless steel is used in the entrance canopies and the exterior of the Empire State Building.
  • 1942 – 220 tonnes of stainless steel bar reinforce the Progreso Pier in Yuticán, Mexico.
  • 1957 – Stainless steel wall panels create the exterior of the Inland Steel Building, Chicago, USA.
  • 1965 – The St Louis Arch Monument in Missouri, USA uses 886 tonnes of stainless steel plate.
  • 1971 – The first North Sea Oil Rig utilises stainless steel extensively for structural stability.
  • 1982 – A stainless steel roof protects The Thames Flood Barrier in London, UK.
  • 1989 – La Pyramide Du Louvre in Paris employs a stainless steel frame supporting 673 glass panels.
  • 1995 – 5000m2 of stainless steel covers the two chambers of the European Court of Human Rights.
  • 1996 – The Petronas Twin Towers in Malaysia contain 83,500m2 of stainless steel extrusions.
  • 2003 – The Walt Disney Concert Hall in LA, California is almost entirely covered in stainless steel.
  • 2004 – Chicago’s iconic Cloud Gate sculpture is made of welded stainless steel plates.
  • 2006 – The frame of Apple’s New York City Flagship store is comprised of high-strength duplex steel.
  • 2011 – The Azerbaijan Flame Fountain has a robust stainless steel frame.
  • 2013 – The Stainless Steel Centenary Anniversary!

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